Drainage Cell | Black | 600 x 290 x 25mm (0.174m2) | By CORE DRAINAGE - The Ideal Garden

Drainage Cell | Black | 600 x 290 x 25mm (0.174m2) | By CORE DRAINAGE

Drainage Cell | Black | 600 x 290 x 25mm (0.174m2) | By CORE DRAINAGE

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    CORE Drainage Cell – Linear Drainage

    Size: 25mm x 600mm x 290mm

    CORE Drainage cells provide an efficient water drainage solution to a variety of applications such as:

    • Driveway drainage, roads and highway edge drains
    • Retaining wall, abutment drainage and basement drainage & waterproofing
    • Roof gardens and green roofs
    • Sports fields, golf courses and saturated ground drainage

    The construction of the cells allow water to flow evenly across the surface, avoiding areas of water build up.

    CORE Drainage board cells are made from recycled polypropylene and are extremely lightweight and strong.

    When installed vertically and wrapped in a geotextile membrane they form a highly effective fin drain, incredibly thin and unobtrusive with immense water-flow capabilities.

    Laid flat they form an effective horizontal drainage void making them ideal for podiums, planters and rooftop gardens as a land drain.

    With a rapid install time and ease of transportation these cells are the ideal solution to sub surface drainage and for use in SUDS complaint driveways.

    The Cells can be connected together to form drainage runs into soakaways or lower borders.


    • Helps water flow freely, preventing waterlogged ground
    • SUDS Compliant
    • Easily installed
    • Relieves hydrostatic pressure in the ground
    • Highly resistant to biological attack and a wide range of soil borne chemicals
    • Permeable surface area of over 80%

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