CORE EDGE Premium Install Kit

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A premium installation kit for installing CORE EDGE Flexible Steel Edging.
Kit Includes:
• Lump Hammer – used alongside the free wood block provided to tap the edging into the ground
• Lawn Edging Knife – used to neaten and prepare the lawn edge ready for the steel edging
• Hacksaw – used to cut edging to size if required (if you do – be sure to spray the exposed edge with a metal primer to avoid rust)
• Tape Measure – used to measure your area
• Gloves – used for protection
• Spoiled Brick Line & Galvanised Pin – used to set up a string line so you can install your edging dead straight.
• Knee pads – used for safety and comfort when installing
• Long nose pliers – used for bending the joining tabs to secure each length to the next.