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CORE EDGE HD XL – Long Lengths – Trade Edging – 2.5mm thick (2275mm) Single Length

CORE EDGE HD XL – Long Lengths – Trade Edging – 2.5mm thick (2275mm) Single Length

All LONG lengths (2275mm) have to be sent on a DOUBLE PALLET – which delivery fees begin at £100 (subject to more depending on your delivery zone)

If you’re installing under 50 linear meters of edging, we advise using the CORE EDGE HD SHORT (free delivery) rather than these long lengths.

Delivery charge applied at checkout.

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Heavy Duty Flexible Steel Edging

A range of 2.5mm thick, Heavy Duty flexible steel edging. Designed to create the perfect edge restraint.

Especially suitable for driveways and commercial landscaping applications.

Because they are Galvanised and polyester powder coated it adds to the cost of these products. But the longevity of their working life makes them exceptional value for money. In addition, they provide several advantages over cheaper alternatives.

Benefits of Using CORE Heavy Duty Flexible Steel Edging

  • These heavy-duty flexible steel edgings will not rust or flake, and they will not shatter if caught with a strimmer or mower.
  • They have no sharp edges and a dual lock mechanism to secure each section.
  • Simply tap into the ground to form the perfect edge restraint that will quite frankly last for decades.
  • The face and the ground spike are formed from a single piece of steel.
  • The spike has a unique fold along its centre to provide maximum strength. Reinforcing the spike, making it ideal for use in tougher ground conditions.
  • In addition, if the soft ground is encountered, a rebar extension simply clips through the ground spike to provide additional stability.
  • Not only easy to bend by hand to create perfect corners but also flexible enough to create perfect curves.
  • They simply tap into the ground to form the perfect curved, straight or angled edge restraint. That will quite frankly last for decades.
  • Hence the entire range is quick and easy to install. With no specialist tools required and is available in a range of face/width combinations and finishes.

A Range of Finish Choices

CORE Heavy Duty Flexible Steel Edgings are available in 5 powder coated colours;

  • Anthracite (ral 7016)
  • Black (ral 9005)
  • Brown (ral 8082)
  • Bright Zinc Galvanised finish.
  • Weathered steel (Corten).

Weathered Steel

Our ASTM A588 weathering steel has a unique look. The naturally oxidizing finish makes it especially desirable for many architectural projects. Weathering steels are a group of steel alloys developed to remove the need for painting. Over time they form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the elements.

Made popular by the U.S Steel Co. and best-known under the US trademark COR-TEN®. They resist the corrosive effects of all types of weather. By forming a coating of dark brown oxidation over the metal. In simple terms, the steel is allowed to rust and that rust forms a protective coating that slows the rate of future corrosion.

Supplied in its raw state, please allow 6-8 weeks for oxidation to occur.

Powder Coated Heavy Duty Flexible Steel edging

The galvanised steel edgings are finished with a 110-micron polyester powder coating that is designed for external use. This coating prevents colour fade from UV exposure. It also forms a weather-resistant barrier guaranteeing a 20+ year product life.

The coating is applied electrostatically and is then cured under extreme heat to allow it to flow and form a skin. This skin creates a hard-wearing flexible finish that is tougher than conventional paint and improves scratch resistance.

Secure Connecting Mechanism

The CORE Edge dual locking mechanism provides a rigid connection between adjoining edges on our Heavy-duty flexible steel edging. Helping to provide an almost seamless connection.

Using a pair of thin-nosed pliers pull both of the thin tabs through the slit in the adjacent edging and rotate them back on themselves.

Once connected if more hands are available, pre-joined edges can be installed as one continuous length. Making it far easier to create larger curves or complex shapes.

Optional Spike Extension

This ingenious spike extension can be retrofitted to the edging after the edging is installed.

If any softer ground is encountered:

  1. Simply look back at your installed edging, if you notice any that appear to be unstable or leaning over slightly, just scrape back some soil from around the top of the spike to reveal the hole in the spike that houses the extension clip.
  2. Insert the clip through one of these preformed holes, and place your foot against the edging to hold it upright.
  3. Locate a pin into the clip and drive the pin into the ground using a mallet.
  4. The clip expands as the pin passes through creating a secure connection with the edging and providing the additional support required.

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