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Support Pin accessory for core edge – pack of 5


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CORE EDGE Rebar Support Pin for soft ground

Sold as a pack of  5 x 300mm Rebar support pin and clip.


A Totally Unique System


This ingenious design is a major step forward in securing flexible steel edgings into soft unstable ground.


For example:  If you were using Everedge, and you were to install a 10m run of steel edging and then realise that the center section was leaning a little and could do with a more support, you would need to remove the edgings you had laid, back to that point that needed support to allow you to add a rebar extension onto the bottom of the spike incorporated in the edging. You would then have to relay the edgings you had lifted to get back on track.


With COREedge you can simply return to the area that needs support and scratch back some soil around the top of the integral spike to reveal the support pin fixing hole, then simply slip the support pin fixing clip through the fixing hole. Once the clip is in place insert the galvanised rebar support pin into the clip and drive it home into the soil using a mallet, as it moves through the fixing clip, the clip expands to form a rigid connection with the edging giving you an extra 300mm of ground support, leaving your edging stable and upright.


Now there’s no need to redo any of your hard work, you don’t have to lift and relay any of the edgings, saving you time and avoiding unnecessary hassle.There are 3 holes in each of the 1075mm edgings and 5 holes in the 2275mm lengths, allowing you to add as much or as little support where and when it is required.


So, If soft ground is encountered simply push the clip through the hole in the spike and insert a pin through the clip, then hammer the pin into the ground to achieve a solid secure fixing.



Please click on the button below to download the Installation Guide.



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