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Why Choose CORE EDGE?

As one of our most popular products that we provide here at The Ideal Garden, CORE EDGE certainly proves its quality and value through it consistently being in such high demand. CORE EDGE is a range of flexible steel edging designed to create the perfect edge restraint. Most prevalently used on driveways and in commercial applications, CORE EDGE is extremely versatile and capable of adapting to be used in many other ways.

Due to the galvanised nature of them and their polyester powder coating, the price of them is increased. However, the longevity of their working life makes them exceptional value for money whilst providing several advantages over cheaper options. As they say – if you buy cheap, you buy twice. CORE EDGE prevents this from being the case.

CORE EDGE offers a variety of great reasons why it is such a great investment if you’re looking for an edge restraint. Firstly, the edging will not rust or flake – and the possibility of them shattering if caught with a strimmer or mower is absolutely zero. Teamed with the fact that they have no sharp edges and a dual lock mechanism to secure each section, they can simply be tapped into the ground to form the perfect edge restraint that will last for decades.

With a singular piece of steel forming both the face and the ground spike, its enabled a unique fold along the centre to provide maximum strength. Reinforcing the spike due to this, it becomes ideal for use in tougher ground conditions.

With no specialist tools required for installation, the edging can even be bent into a curve simply by hand and tapped into the ground if a curved edge is what you desire.


  • Anthracite (ral 7916)
  • Black (ral 9005)
  • Brown (ral 8082)
  • Green (ral 6002)
  • Grey (ral 7047)
  • Bright Zinc Galvanised
  • Weathered Cor-Ten Steel

What is Powder Coating?

The galvanised steel edgings are finished with 110-micron polyester powder coasting that is designed for external use. The coating prevents colour fade from UV exposure whist also forming a weather resistant barrier which guarantees a 20 plus year product life.

What is Cor-Ten?

Cor-Ten weathered steel has a naturally oxidised finished making it especially desirable for many architectural projects. Weathering steels are a group of steel alloys developed to remove the need for painting. Over time they form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the elements.

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