Why Choose an Artificial Lawn? Low-Maintenance and Durability

Why Choose An Artificial Lawn

There are many benefits to having an artificial turf installed. Suitable for gardens, pathways, playgrounds and schools, artificial grass provides a low maintenance solution that looks good all year round.

But what other benefits can a synthetic lawn provide?

  • Gives you the perfect lawn all year round
    No matter what the weather artificial turf is designed to look perfect come rain or shine and because it’s low maintenance it’s a great choice for people and organisations who don’t want the hassle and expense of maintaining a perfect lawn
  • Wide variety in terms of look and feel
    Developments throughout the industry means that now a wide range of artificial turfs are available in terms of pile heights, thickness, texture and colour. With all these choices on the market you can be sure you’ll find the right product for your project
  • A durable, long lasting alternative to natural grass
    A synthetic grass can last up to ten years and can be installed in locations such as sports fields, playing areas, home gardens, retirement centres, schools and colleges and are safe for children and pets
  • Helps you keep thins clean
    Because with an artificial lawn you don’t have any soil, you don’t get any mud traffic. What’s more, cats and dogs love artificial grass and any mess can simply be hosed down and will not cause discolouration
  • Eradicates drainage problems
    With natural grass some areas can be prone to water logging, but an artificial grass surface can resolve this due to good drainage. Our range is even suitable for use around water features due to excellent porosity
  • Resistant to pests
    Moles and insects will no longer be drawn to your garden, as they much prefer a natural grass environment

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