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Springtime Gardening Ideas

Throughout the winter, everyone looks forward to the time where the sun comes back and we can all get out and enjoy the nicer weather. Spring is a time when everybody wants to get out in the garden – here, we have created a list of jobs that you can use to keep yourself busy out in that sunshine!

Get creative with patterns in your garden!

A great way of introducing a unique element to your garden is by introducing patterns, and with the right products and a keen eye for design – you can achieve it. Gravel is a massively versatile material, and with our CORE PATH gravel stabilisers, creating an amazing gravel pathway has never been easier. Perfect for keen garden enthusiasts as you can easily install it yourself, and cut them to shape to create a unique pattern.

With the whole family being home, give the children a place to play whilst they stay at home!

With online retailers still working hard to deliver – purchasing play equipment can still be achieved. Playhouses, trampolines, climbing frames and tree houses are all great options to keep busy and have some family fun! Ensure the area is safe with a heavy duty rubber grass mat, with a critical fall height of 4.3m that allows your kids, and maybe even you to have fun care free knowing that the surface is safe!

Care for your lawn, don’t ignore it!

Lawns and grass areas are beginning to come back to life after what was an extremely harsh winter in terms of weather conditions. By taking the time to give it a good mow, you can then take the time to properly aerate the lawn as now is the perfect time as we begin the growing season. Using a lawn scarifier will allow you to remove any dead moss, debris or grass clippings that have gathered – this will give you a beautiful clean lawn. If working on your lawn doesn’t sound the world of fun, opting for an artificial lawn can be a great alternative for those who want a great looking lawn, with zero maintenance.

Prepare the flower beds.

Take some time to put some effort into the flower beds. Start by getting your best pair of gloves on, and pulling out all those nasty weeds! To prepare for a new flower bed for new plants, you will need to clear and cultivate the existing areas. Carefully clean out the existing plants, being cautious not to damage any living plants. Ensure the ground is prepped, and add a layer of compost and remove any waste to start a fresh with your new flower beds! You can also achieve a great shape to your flower beds by using an edge restraint, this will enable you to design your flower beds to achieve a certain pattern.

Add some excitement with something special!

Gardens are amazing canvasses for an array of designs, that’s why we love them! However, when it comes to designing your garden, allow some room to think outside the box and introduce something new to your space! Opt for perhaps a new bbq, some new decking or even some decorative screens that can turn either an empty space or an ugly wall into an amazing feature to any garden!

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