EasyBed DIY Composite Wood Stackable Planting Boxes | Light Oak

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WPC Modular Planting Box

Colour: Light Oak

Size: 1050mm x 1050mm x 140mm

EasyBed – Brought to you by CORE Landscape Products.

With traditional wooden planting boxes, you will find they rot in no time at all! This is not the case with WPC Products.

Our EasyBed’s are made from 60% FFC Recycled Wood Fibers, and 40% Recycled Plastics– combining the appearance and texture of wood, with the durability of plastic.

These planters are extremely low maintenance, requiring no staining or treating, letting you focus more on your garden!

They are also quick and easy to build, letting you crack on straight away!

You can combine multiple packs to create different shapes and sizes, and you can stack them high or low, allowing you to create different levels.

EasyBed is a fantastic way to create modern looking features in the garden.

These products are designed to look good and last longer!