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AQUA GLOW | Small Glowing Pebbles | 2 Colours Available

AQUA GLOW | Small Glowing Pebbles | 2 Colours Available

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AQUA GLOW Fish Friendly Glowing Pebbles.

Aqua glow fish friendly glowing pebbles emit a light reminiscent of the natural glow produced by nature’s own bioluminescence. AQUAglow produces a subtle glow that slowly dissipates over time. Great for fish tanks, aquariums and vivariums.

Aqua Glow fish friendly glowing pebbles contain a natural, multi-activated and highly effecient powder cultivated from the earch which when exposed to light, emits a subtle glow in the dark effect. The compound is completely fish friendly and safe to use in all aquriams and fish tanks.

Nature’s very own light source

Saving our natural resources is important to us. Therefore, renewable light sources like AQUA Glow, which have no carbon emissions, are ideal for not only saving us money but for saving the environment around us.

AQUA Glow can be used anywhere. The pebbles don’t use electricity so there is no need to worry about cables and power sources, giving you complete control.

Completely Fish Friendly.

AQUA Glow fish friendly glowing gravel is waterproof too, making it ideal for adding the finishing touch to any fish tank or aquarium. However, as with any aquatic product, we do suggest you give the pebbles a good wash before adding them to your tank.


Made from non-radioactive, non-toxic materials, AQUA Glow is completely harmless and fun for the whole family.

A Subtle Glow in the darkness

Aqua Glow fish friendly glowing pebbles are clever little pebbles who store energy from natural daylight or when your fish tank light is on – ready to glow when you turn off the lights! and the darker the surroundings are the brighter they will appear.

Perfect in a childs bedroom to give a comforting glow when its bed time.

Pebble Size: 25mm x 10mm x 15mm

Pack Size: 250G

2 Colours Available: Sky Blue / Green

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