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150mm & 300mm Galvanised Spiral Pins (Pack of 10) Suitable for CORE DRIVE and CORE PRO EDGE

150mm & 300mm Galvanised Spiral Pins (Pack of 10) Suitable for CORE DRIVE and CORE PRO EDGE


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  • 300mm pins for use with 60-40 & 50-35HD Stabiliser System Grids
  • 150mm pins for use with 50-35HD Gravel grid stabiliser system on slopes.
  • Available in 150mm or 300mm sizes.
  • 10 pieces per pack for convenience.

Easy Garden Edging Security 

Transform your garden with the help of our 150mm or 300mm galvanised steel spiral edging pins. Designed to provide stability and durability these spiral pins are essential for securing landscaping elements including gravel grids or edging without hassle!! Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just starting on towards creating something truly remarkable – investing in high-quality fixings like these will make all the difference in achieving those dream garden results quickly and efficiently! 

Our spiral pins are:

  • Made from premium galvanized steel, they offer unparalleled strength and resistance against corrosion.  

Using reliable garden edging pins means knowing that even in harsh weather conditions your garden edging, pathways or gravel driveways will remain stable for years to come without any need for constant adjustments or repairs. So, say goodbye to uneven gravel paths and shifting borders once and for all! 

Versatile Applications

Gardening enthusiasts can tackle a variety of landscaping projects with ease using spiral pins. From stabilising gravel grids for pathways and driveways to fixing garden edging these versatile pins are an essential addition to any gardener’s toolkit. Whether you need defined borders around flower beds or reinforcement against heavy foot traffic on paths – these pins have got your back! So why wait? Invest in some today and watch as all those tricky landscaping tasks become much simpler than ever before! 

Are you tired of struggling with unstable landscaping elements? With these spiral pins, there is no need for complicated installation processes anymore. Simply insert them into the soil or gravel grid and watch as they provide instant stability – saving both time and effort!  

Transforming your garden into a beautiful oasis requires careful planning and execution. With our galvanised spiral pins pack containing 10 pieces per box of either 150mm or 300mm pins, you can tackle any size project with ease!  

These pins offer unparalleled stability and versatility while being easy to install making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to create a stunning outdoor space. Order now and take the first step towards your dream garden.  

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