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Gardening Jobs for May

Following our last gardening jobs blog, we are now in May! May is a month where your gardening efforts really begin to pay off, and you can start to enjoy all the work you have invested into your amazing garden! The focus for the month of May should be to put your efforts on supporting flower growth and vegetables to ensure a fruitful harvest when summer is in full swing, as well as ensuring the upkeep isn’t falling by the wayside!

Be sure to water your lawn to avoid dehydrating your grass!

With the warm weather reaching the low 20’s frequently now as we hit the British Summertime, it’s important to care for your lawn! Warm weather can dehydrate grass and damage the natural growth of your lawn, so it’s particularly important to water it regularly, and especially important for freshly seeded areas. An optional extra would be to use a good quality fertiliser to give it some extra help! However, if that all sounds like extra work you’d rather not do, an artificial lawn can offer a fantastic alternative. They look incredible, and require next to no maintenance to keep them looking that way.

Use a good quality Dutch Hoe on your garden

Another job is to ensure that you keep your weeds in control. Carry out this task by hoeing the lawn consistently and regularly, and ensuring that you take extra precautions around your plants that are more sensitive. Knowing how to use a Dutch hoe properly is important, and one good tip is to use a fluid, flowing movement over your soil and beds to take the top off the weeds and brush the surface.

Focusing on your planting beds is of course important, but adding an extra aspect to your garden is always an exciting opportunity! You can take your creativity for planting by introducing hanging planters to your walls in the garden, and by implementing the same ideas you have for your beds – you can create a unique theme throughout multiple areas of your garden! Team these hanging plants with the backdrop of an amazing garden screen can certainly add some personality and character to your space.

It’s also a great opportunity to look after the variety of wildlife that may pass through your garden from time to time, and not all wildlife are uninvited, unwanted guests! Top up the bird feeder and baths to ensure that birds are welcome to visit your garden. It’s also important to ensure that you are focussed and paying attention when trimming your hedges as there can be nests and other inhabitants within your hedges. Combining this with the ability to hold back on some of the weeds, such as dandelions as they provide valuable food source for certain wild life!

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