Gardening Jobs for June - Your Guide from The Ideal Garden

Gardening Jobs for June

As we enter into June, British summer time is now in full swing! The time for long days sunning yourself in the garden on the weekends is here. The hunt for charcoal and burgers begins as BBQ’s are all you can smell on your street. June also offers the longest days of the year, which accommodates more growing time for all of your garden plants and grass. If June is approached carefully, with a plan of action in mind to make use of the extra hours of light – you can really see your garden come to fruition this month.

Water your lawn!

Beginning with some general upkeep and maintenance won’t be a thankless job before you focus on the areas you have had in mind – taking the time weekly to water your lawn will ensure that it grows luscious and green and avoids brown spots. Just an inch of water a week will be a godsend for the grass, and those of you who have opted for artificial grass – remember it is still important to care for your lawn and keep it hoovered and looking fresh!

Use lawn edging to design your flower bed!

Take some time to think about how you want your flower beds to appear. Gone are the days of the standard rectangular beds – as now you can allow yourself to get creative with designing the shape of your flower bed. You can opt for a flexible steel lawn edging to offer you the best edge restraint and keep the edges of your flower bed nice and tight, as well as seamlessly curving and flowing into fantastic shapes. Going the extra mile will make your garden more impressive, and you’ll thank yourself for it. June will repay you as the extra day light hours really get those plants growing!

Reorganise the shed.

Having a reshuffle of the wardrobe is something all of us do come summertime, so why not the garden shed? Look into reorganising your shed to make summer gardening tools more accessible and approach the lay out of your shed with practicality in mind! Keeping items in your shed both clean and tidy in the way they are stored will allow you to approach the weekend gardening with a clear mind and call upon the contents of your shed easily! Keeping your lutes and rakes tidy will save you time and peace of mind. No one likes a rummage around in a dark, messy shed – that’s for sure!

Harvest the vegetable garden!

Start by focusing on salad crops and harvest them and resow every two weeks for a constant supply of green leaves for those mixed salads to go with the BBQ. Keeping the theme of looking to harvest, early potatoes can be taken as they’re usually ready about 10 weeks after planting – and keep an eye on onion and garlic, keeping in mind that when the leaves start to yellow: they’re ready to harvest. Team your harvesting efforts with ensuring the flowerbeds they’re growing in remain moist, but ensure you’re careful to not overwater them, as this compacts the soil and restricts them of oxygen.

From the Sofa…

One job that can be carried out from the comfort of the recliner is ordering in seeds, birdfeed and products to help boost the aesthetic of your garden. Some new garden ferniture could be just the treat needed to take it to the next level, or a funky LED wall art screen to give the area that character it’s missing!

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