Core Lawn Artificial Grass - A Durable & Low-Maintenance Solution

CORE Lawn: Artificial Grass

As summer draws to a close, you may feel as though your garden planning and designing has also come to its end for another year. Lots of time and effort has been spent this summer by people perfecting their outdoor spaces to create the most aesthetically pleasing and relaxing areas possible.

One area that people year on year find difficult to maintain during the harsh UK climate in the autumn and winter months is their lawn. With conditions in Britain rivalling any rainfall anywhere in the world, people’s lawns and grassland areas stand next to no chance of retaining their maintained and neat appearance in the absence of frequent and competent maintenance.

No Time? No Problem

Not everyone will have the time to dedicate to keeping their lawns looking perfect – and that is where our CORE Lawn is the ideal solution to ensuring you have a lawn that retains its perfect appearance come rain, sleet or snow. With a variety of lawn types available that offer different properties, we here at The Ideal Garden have covered the bases on different lawn types to provide a varied selection to suit your requirements.

Why Choose Artificial?

The major advantage to choosing artificial lawn is that there is no weeding, no mowing and no mud. Your artificial grass will stay looking great all year round whatever the weather so you can say goodbye to waterlogged grass as all our artificial lawns have drainage holes punched in the base layer to let surface water drain through.


  • Classic: 30mm pile grass that is ideal for projects on a budget
  • Contemporary: 35mm pile grass that is most suitable for modern gardens due to its vibrancy
  • Luxury: 40mm pile grass that combines a super fine texture with a dense thatch
  • Natural: 45mm pile grass with darker shades of green for a more authentic look
  • Premium: TenCate yarn combines a silky soft feel with resilience

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