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5 Ways to Use a Gravel Stabiliser

Gravel has to be one of the most versatile and attractive surfaces in the world. A surface that can be used in an array of appliances and certainly a material that you can get creative with, it’s one of our favourites. However, one pitfall of gravel is that it tends to move around, and that’s where gravel stabilisers come in. Gravel stabilisers are designed to hold gravel within the cells to mitigate the movement of aggregate, and compacts to ensure that it becomes a solid surface. In this blog, you will find 5 applications where a gravel stabiliser can be your best friend!

Gravel stabilisers are the perfect product for gravel driveways!

CORE DRIVE gravel stabilisers can be used to install new porous driveways and be laid over existing driveway surfaces, which enables it to be a versatile in the sense that whatever you currently have as a driveway, you can use a gravel stabiliser to create a brand new surface! There is a variety of gravel stabilisers under the CORE DRIVE product range, that vary from domestic traffic all the way through the HGV access.

Create amazing pathways in your garden!

As mentioned above, gravel stabilisers can be used in different applications. A pathway grid is designed as an 18mm depth to accommodate foot traffic, as well as wheelie bins, wheel barrows, bicycles and much more. The two different sizes enable you to install smaller pathways, or larger areas by using either handy packs or the larger sheets which are suited to gravel sizes of 3-14mm. At 18mm depth, gravel consumption is reduced by 50%, making a gravel stabiliser an economic choice for a pathway.

Team your pathway with a gravel patio!

With the summertime just around the corner, being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine with your family is something we all enjoy. Whether it’s late evenings over a glass of wine, or al fresco dining, a great patio is a wonderful space to enjoy. By teaming a gravel pathway with a gravel patio, you’re able to gain symmetry and create a uniform design that doesn’t break the bank!

Have confidence in the base of your shed.

Even though it has been previously noted that using gravel as a base to your shed isn’t the best idea – this is in the absence of a gravel stabiliser. Without a stabiliser, it will be prone to subsidence and warping, and potential damage from damp. However, when a gravel stabiliser is used all of these issues are mitigated as the stabiliser is porous with a high quality weed membrane. You can have confidence that your shed can sit on an aesthetically pleasing surface, safe from any mishaps or issues down the line.

Why stop at a shed? Gravel is the perfect base for a hot tub.

When combining your pathway, patio and shed with a gravel surface, finishing off your space by trusting gravel as the surface for a hot tub is a great option. By using an edge restraint to shape out your area to the dimensions of your hot tub, you can lay a porous area with just a sub base, sharp sand and your gravel stabiliser sheets. By using a 30mm grid, filled with a 10mm angular stone – you can ensure your hot tub looks the part!

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