So whats the difference between Everedge Classic and COREedge Domestic flexible steel edgings.

COREedge Domestic  Vs  EVERedge Classic

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Flexible steel edgings, the perfect edge restraint for straight or curved paths and borders

I thought id compile a brief factual comparison to help compare the main differences between these two similar British manufacturers of steel landscape edgings.

Ever Edge.

pack of  5.    covers 4.7 lin meters on the ground
1000mm x  75mm with a 95mm spike in 1.6mm steel.
1000mm x 100mm with a 95mm spike in 1.6mm steel.
1000mm x 125mm with a 95mm spike in 1.6mm steel.

Everedge is a long established metal edging system available through a limited number of mainly online resellers in the Uk.

They are available in four powder-coated colours, and a  plain galvanised finish in 75, 100 and 150mm face widths with the addition of Cor-ten in the 100 and 125mm versions.

Each pack contains five pieces of 1000mm long metal edgings which, when installed due to the small 60mm overlap provides 4.7 linear meters on the ground.

It is flexible and can be used for both straight and curving edge designs

Core Edge.

pack of  5.   covers 5 lin meters on the ground
1075mm x 65mm with an 85mm spike in 1.6mm steel.
1075mm x 100mm with a 95mm spike in 1.6mm steel.
1075mm x 150mm with a 115mm spike in 1.6mm steel.

COREedge is a relative newcomer to the metal edging marketplace, its system is available through a  number of online resellers in the Uk and several landscape suppliers and builders merchants.

They are available in four powder-coated colours a plain bright zinc galvanised finish or Cor-ten weathered steel in all available face sizes. 65, 100, and 150mm

each pack contains five pieces of 1075mm long metal edgings when installed allowing for the slightly larger 75mm overlap this provides 5 linear meters on the ground. So 6% more coverage per pack.

It is flexible and can be used for both straight and curving edge designs.


Similar Joining Mechanisms
flexible steel edging locking mechanism

locking mechanism on core edge

Both edging systems have a similar joining mechanism that is extremely easy to connect, each has a tongue that slots down into an opening to locate and align the edgings and a slot with a  small bendable tab to join the edgings together. COREs mechanism has an additional tab allowing each tab to be bent back in opposite directions to form a stronger, more rigid connection.


Each Manufacturer offers an additional support pin system.

Both sold as a pack of  –  5no   10mm x 300mm Rebar support pin and clip.

Other than the available face widths and pricing (Core appears to be cheaper especially given the extra 6% per pack) it is the ease of use provided by the pinning mechanism that seems to be the main difference between the systems, Everedge’s pin has to be located onto the bottom of the spike via a slip-on sleeve, Cores pin can be inserted through a clip that slips neatly through a hole in their spike.Making it easier to retrofit the support.

On-Site Comparison

For example;  If you were using Everedge, and you were to install a 10m run of steel edging and then realise that the center section was leaning a little, and could do with more support, you would need to remove the edgings you had laid, back to that point that needed support to allow you to add a rebar extension to the bottom of the spike incorporated in the edging. You would then need to relay the edgings you had lifted to get back on track.

With COREedge you can return to the area that needs support and by scratching back some soil around the top of the integral spike you can reveal the support pin fixing hole, then simply slip the support pin fixing clip, through the fixing hole. Once the clip is in place, insert the galvanised rebar support pin into the clip and drive it home into the soil using a mallet, as it moves through the fixing clip, the clip expands to form a rigid connection with the edging giving you an extra 300mm of ground support, leaving your edging stable and upright.

Now there’s no need to redo any of your hard work, you don’t have to lift and relay any of the edgings, saving you time and avoiding unnecessary hassle.  There are 3 holes in each of the 1075mm edgings and 5 holes in the 2275mm lengths, allowing you to add as much or as little support where and when it is required.

So, If soft ground is encountered simply push the clip through the hole in the spike and insert a pin through the clip, then hammer the pin into the ground to achieve a solid secure fixing.

Other Sizes Available

Both manufacturers go on to offer thicker 2.5mm edgings in short and longer 2275mm (core edge) and 2500mm (Everedge) lengths, again with Core coming up cheaper when compared to Everedge.

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