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TREE ROOT PROTECTION PANEL (7380 x 2710mm) 20m2

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Tree Root Protection Panel

The CORE Tree Root Protection Panel, is one of the only cellular confinement systems specifically designed and sold for tree root protection applications.

Ultimate Root Protection for mature trees from pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

CORE® Tree Root Protection is a cellular web system that provides protection to the roots of mature trees from pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It helps distribute the weight of the traffic which in turn prevents subsoil compaction around the roots. It is also a completely porous system allowing continued water permeation and gaseous exchange, which helps to maintain a healthy tree.

Necessary for temporary and permanent access construction close to trees

CORE Tree Root Protection is suitable for the construction of permanent and temporary site access roads where access is limited by the presence of tree roots. By using this system you will have a compliant drive/road. Failure to install a Tree Root Protection System could result in the surface becoming compacted and rutted resulting in minimal oxygen and nutrient exchange to the roots, ultimately destroying the tree. For temporary site access, once operations are complete, the installation can be removed with the roots undamaged ensuring the protection of the trees.For permanent access requirements, the system can be left in place with the appropriate surface course.

Due to the rate of urbanisation within the UK, it is now far more common to find trees located in areas of urban development, with Tree Preservation Orders. This product is required to comply with Local Authority Regulations in an attempt to ensure the protection of mature trees when access is required, especially when construction work is being carried out nearby.

The Law

Failure to install a Tree Root Protection System could result in the surface becoming compacted and rutted resulting in minimal oxygen and nutrient exchange to the roots, ultimately destroying the tree. Failing to comply with a TPO is treated as a serious offense towards the environment and can land you up to a £20,000 fine. The majority of tree roots are found within 600mm of the surface and extend to a distance equal to approximately 65% of the trees overall height. Making it almost impossible to build a sustainable surface that can take vehicular traffic without digging and disturbing the feeder roots of the tree.


Above-Ground, No-Dig Construction (Driveways close to trees). APN12 advises that a drive can only be installed, within a tree protection area, if it can be done so without tree roots and the surrounding soil being damaged.

The British standards institution has published guidance notes BS 5837:2005 on how to protect trees during development.Tree Root Drive Guidance

The construction can be achieved by using perforated CORE® Tree Root Protector available in depths of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, and 200mm.

When filled with granular materials, the system creates a three-dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge that uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads. The cellular nature of CORE Root Protector confines free draining subbase materials, stabilising the ground whilst enhancing drainage and preventing the build-up of hydrostatic pressure.

CORE® Tree Root Protection Panels


    • Provide a cost-effective solution to long-term Tree Root Protection.


    • Provide Ease in transportation and on-site handling due to collapsible cells.


    • Ensure Rapid and simple installation that conforms to most terrain profiles.


    • Ultrasonic welding of cell joints ensure maximum strength.


    • Withstands high weight-bearing loads.


    • Resistant to biological attack and a wide range of soil-borne chemical.




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