Led Wall Art – Zebra Print Design 1200 x 600mm

All of our LED Wall Arts are assembled to order, please allow 2-4 working days for delivery.

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Each LED Wall Art Kit comes with your choice of pre-installed RGB low voltage LED lights (Interior or Exterior), a 3 meter connection cable, a 12v colour controller, a tactile radio frequency remote control and a 120watt 12v transformer and an acrylic light diffuser with powder coated screens (exterior lighting kits also include a waterproof box to house the transformer and colour controller outside).

Our LUX LED RGB Color Changing Flexible Strips allow users to select the perfect color to match their mood from a wide array of over 64,000 potential colors. The RGB Color Changing Flexible Strips are adhesive backed flex circuits with LEDs evenly spaced (60 LEDs per M) with an output of 3600 lumens/M. One remote can be paired to control up to 6 screens

The high quality tactile remote connects via radio frequnecy (RF) which means it does not need a direct line of site to operate and has a great range. 

The LEDs are dimmable, and can be set to slowly colour fade, or jump between colours at the touch of a button.