CORE DRIVE 60-40 Heavy Duty Gravel Grid | Black | 1150 x 1000 x 40mm (1.15m2)

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CORE Drive 60-40 HDR

Colour: Black

Size per sheet: 1150mm x 1000mm



CORE DRIVE 60-40 HDR is our heaviest duty domestic grid due to its cell wall thickness and cell shape. It can withstand HGV through traffic and can take a high frequency of traffic.

Incorporated into the honeycomb structure are pinning holes designed to take our galvanised ground pins to anchor the system on steep slopes.


High Load Bearing

CORE Drive’s honeycomb grid construction provides tightly packed pockets of loose gravel which create a completely porous hard standing, allowing extreme pressure from vehicular traffic to be applied without the aggregate displacing. This makes CORE drive gravel grid more practical and versatile than other more costly paving options.

Attached High-Quality Membrane

Our unique manufacturing technique enables us to heat weld a high-quality geotextile membrane to the underside of every panel. This heat weld attaches the membrane firmly to the honeycomb structure and creates a tray for the gravel to sit in, preventing the gravel from migrating under the cell wall which causes the honeycomb structure to rise and become exposed making it susceptible to irreparable damage.

Interlocking Mechanism

Each panel has an interlocking mechanism on all four sides which allows all adjacent panels to be connected in every direction forming a continuous matrix across the entire surface. The importance of the interlocking mechanism cannot be stressed enough. It prevents the sheets from drifting apart, giving the gravel the opportunity to migrate between the panels which in turn can cause the system to fail, especially on sloping areas.

The heat welded membrane combined with the interlocking panels has enabled us to create the thinnest and least obtrusive driveway grid system available.