Gravel Pathway Gravel Grid | Attached Membrane | White or Grey | 1150 x 800mm x 20mm (0.92m2) | CORE PATH PRO

CORE PATH PRO – The Leading UK Gravel Pathway Grid

Both colours are made of the same material – Grey for dark gravel, White for light gravel.

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CORE PATH PRO | is the ideal gravel grid for larger garden paths, patios, public pathways, wheelie bins, wheelbarrows, bicycles and much, much more. CORE PATH PRO is made of High Density Polyethyline (HDPE), making it incredibly strong and durable. The low profile of just 20mm in depth means that you massively cut down your gravel consumption compared to a loose gravel path (one tonne of gravel willl cover 30m2 when using this grid) – reducing your consumption by 50%.

There is a very high quality weed membrane heatwelded to the underside of each sheet that effectively stops weeds from breaking through to the surface – as well as providing excellent drainage capabilities to ensure a fully SuDS compliant system. Due to this product’s hard-standing finish, CORE PATH PRO is also DDA compliant, making it user-friendly for wheelchair users or those with walking aids. Please note that if DDA compliancy is a key goal of your new pathway, we recommend using a 2-6mm aggregate for the best results (max particle size for this grid would be no larger than 14mm)

The grid system is very easy to install – even if you’re not the most capable DIY type! Simply lay your subbase, ensure all undulations and dips are flattened down and compacted – lay a 10-15mm layer of sharp sand – compact again, lay your grid down and then fill with your chosen gravel.