Artificial Grass Drainage Grid | Black | 600 x 600 x 30mm (0.36m2) | CORE DRAINBASE

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Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE. As a material, this offers the ideal combination between sturdiness and high elasticity – even in colder temperatures.

The CORE DRAINBASE works brilliantly as a drainage layer for artificial grass to channel away excess water, avoiding waterlogging.

It can also be used effectively on roof gardens, due to its low weight per unit and its ability to be cut and configured to any shape or size.

Furthermore, its primary function is to remove excess surface water within the roof garden that can be piped down to ground level.

Optimal Load Distribution: Due to the unique cell construction, DRAINBASE provides even weight distribution across the surface.

Unique Connecting System: The carefully designed connecting system allows DRAINBASE to expand and shrink during the changes in weather conditions.

Channelling Capacity: High channelling capacity of 30 litres of water per m2.

Anti-slip System: The tile is provided with an anti-slip grip profile (2mm height) on top to prevent the artificial grass from slipping.

Flexibility: DRAINBASE can be installed across a variety of subbases and will always maintain contact due to its flexibility.