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LED Garden Screens – a new era in landscape design?

LED Garden Screens; Create rooms within your garden.

LED garden screens by Easy Garden Screens are a new concept in garden design, the ability to subdivide areas within the layout of your garden using a screen that in its self-provides a focal point both by day and by night. These modular steel panels easily connect together to form walls and backdrops for planting that simply come alive adding mood and definition to any design.

A new tool in the landscape designer’s box.

These 1.6mm steel modular units come in 600mm x 1200mm x 20mm  panels, with all necessary fixing components and easily attach to form a variety of structures; full height walls, free standing screens, complete enclosures, half-height dividers for alfresco dining, inserts within a fence; or individually, as stunning backlit wall art. With a range of posts and strengthening T-bars, there are endless design possibilities.

IP68 RGB LED Lighting.

These Illuminated garden screens with their range of Led drivers and transformers including a fully IP68 rated option, mean you can be completely confident in terms of client safety, the colour changing capabilities with timer and brightness control offer a seemingly endless variety of colours. The joy wheel remote means you can blend static colours to achieve the mood and ambiance you require.

Laser cut designs to inspire.

The initial design offering consists of 3 Led Garden Screens: Bamboo, Zebra, and Geo which are all available in 2 powder coated colours or a raw weathering steel which eventually oxidises to form a warm rustic patina. Tele Grey (ral 7047) Black (ral 9005) and Weathered Steel (Corten).

Use your LED garden screens to hide things in plain site.

Every garden design needs to be practical, no matter how visually stunning but there is almost always the need for an area to store essential items. Now, these areas can be sectioned off with a focal point that draws the eye toward them yet covers them up, helping to achieve practicality and awesome design all within one great project.

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